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Empathy Series Article #1: “A Look at Special Book by Special Kids”


9th of July 2018

Empathy Series Article #1: “A Look at Special Book by Special Kids”

“Research investigating the prevalence of bullying has found victimization rates to be over 50% for children with disabilities (Schroeder, Cappadocia, Bebko, Pepler & Weiss, 2014). As early as the preschool years, when compared to their neurotypical peers, children with disabilities (cognitive and/or physical) receive lower likability ratings from their peers and are sought out less […]

29th of June 2018

The IBPA Bullying Prevention Award – A Follow-up Interview with 2017 Winner, Matthew Carlson, Psy.D.

By: Nicolette G. Granata Now almost one year after being notified as winner of the 2017 IBPA Bullying Prevention Award, we followed up with Matthew Carlson: School Psychologist at Orefield Middle School in Orefield, PA, to inquire as to how being the recipient of the Award has impacted him, his school, and his community. We […]

An Administrator’s Perspective on Bullying Prevention and Response – An Interview with Detroit Prep Head of School, Jen McMillan

By: Nicolette G. Granata Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019 Detroit Prep, a K-3 school in the city of Detroit, “exists to provide a world-class, equitable education” to its diverse group of students.” We interviewed Jennifer McMillan, Head of School, to better understand bullying response and prevention from an administrator’s perspective. Prior to this position, Jen feels […]

A preliminary evaluation of KiVa after one-year of implementation in New Zealand

By: Vanessa A. Green, Daniel Wegerhoff, Lisa Woods & Susan Harcourt Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand   “In line with international data, bullying appears to be relatively common in New Zealand schools. In a recent national survey of over 1,200 teachers and principals, for example, Green, Harcourt, Mattioni, and Prior (2013) found that 94% of […]

Perspective matters …and YOU get to decide which perspective you will choose

By: Charisse Nixon, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Penn State Erie, The Behrend College; Director of CORES   Here’s what we know… Although there seems to be improvements related to the prevalence of bullying in the most recent years (Waasdorp et al 2018), peer mistreatment is still a very serious concern for far too many students. […]

8th of March 2018

Using Literature and Film to Generate Empathy in Students

by Michael Buchanan In Star Trek IV, Spock is asked multiple academic questions by a computer. Of course, he gets them all correct. The next question is, “How do you feel?” and Spock is stumped. His mother tells him, “You’re part human, Spock. Don’t ever forget your emotions.” I mention this scene as indicative of […]

Anti-bullying laws and youth violence in the United States: A longitudinal evaluation of efficacy and implementation

By Marizen Ramirez, PhD (University of Minnesota) and Mark Hatzenbuehler, PhD (Columbia University). Bullying is the most common form of youth violence in the United States and is associated with numerous adverse outcomes for youth. While all 50 states have enacted anti-bullying legislation, there is a lack of research that evaluates whether these laws are […]

18th of February 2018

School districts turn to technology to combat bullying

By Alison DeNisco District Administration, January 2018 12/19/2017 Nevada recently launched an online reporting system for parents and students, joining a handful of other states and districts in efforts to combat bullying. Colorado was first to create an online bullying reporting tool in 2004, five years after the Columbine shooting. Since then, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah and Michigan […]

20th of December 2017

KIND Campaign

Staff and students are determined to make a difference at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Fenton, MI.  Student Molly Killian decided that she wanted to start a program to help students recognize that they can make a difference with one act of kindness at a time!  Staff and students were excited to start […]

8th of September 2017

Book of the month by Dr. Kortney Peagram

UnSelfie: Why Empathic Kids Succeed in Our All About Me World, by Michelle Borba Ed. D. As an avid reader and educator, I am constantly looking for tools, strategies and new resources to help me add to my anti-bullying and social emotional learning (SEL) programs. I was captivated the minute I started to read UnSelfie. […]