International Bullying Prevention Association

Susan Picking

The IBPA Conference and IBPA staff have been an incredible resource of information, not only in best practices in Bullying Prevention but making this information accessible through webinars, digital dissemination of information, workshops, and the conference itself. My program, The School of Life, is a Musical Artist-in-Residence Program for elementary schools. The conference is my annual refresher, serving as an educational buffet offering experts, authors, the latest research and data, providing best practices, and strides being made in bullying prevention. It is essential for me to be informed when I present my program to schools throughout the country.

IBPA conference program links theory, research and practice which is necessary when it comes to bullying prevention. For me the greatest advantage was the possibility to meet with researchers and practitioners and view bullying from different perspectives. While presenting anti-bullying program developed in my university in Poland I received valuable feedback and guidelines for further implementation.

As an academic who conducts both basic and applied research focused on promoting children and adolescents’ positive developmental outcomes and reducing their at risk behaviors (e.g., aggression, depression), IBPA is a great resource to collaborate with the ‘best of the best’ in the field.” IBPA provides meaningful opportunities to share best practices, brainstorm new research studies and support one another in our shared commitment to promote positive youth development.”

As an attorney very involved in issues impacting children such as bullying, sexual harassment, and student suicide a website that provides the latest information on these and other topics is vital to my research, writing, and presentations. In addition the contacts that I made during the last convention and the materials I received were very helpful as I continue my work in Missouri in assisting the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education develop a model Anti-Bullying Policy for Missouri Schools to adopt and incorporate.”

IBPA has been my favorite international conference in bullying prevention for years. As a researcher I get the latest research results from worldwide there. This is the venue where professionals from theory and practice can meet and exchange their views. As a professor in criminology, teaching early recognition and managing anti-bullying and cyberbullying at school I am constantly referring the knowledge I gain at IBPA events, and follow the publications of the presenters for more ideas.