2014 Conference: Monday Sessions


Research Panel (9:15am-10:30am)

Dan Olweus

Monday Morning Sessions (11:00am-12:15 pm)

Healing the Harm of Bullying: Lessons Learned from Restorative Practice

Margaret Thorsborn

Implementing Bully Prevention Strategies to Support Military Children

Mara Madrigal Weiss – Anchor

Mara Madrigal Weiss – Information Sharing Tool Kit

Mara Madrigal Weiss – Final Warner White Paper

Mara Madrigal Weiss – NASP Recommendations

Mara Madrigal Weiss – NIS Toolkit


FINAL IBPA Collab for change IBPA

Using Stories and Activities to Address Bias and Bullying

Trudy Ludwig

What’s Climate Got to Do With It? Creating Safe Schools through School Climate Improvement

Katherine Raczynski

Fostering Positive Relationships through Cooperative Learning

Miriam Miller

Monday Lunch and Learn Sessions

Superhuman or Normal Human Strength? Using the Resiliency Model to Build “Muscle” for Safe and Supportive Schools

Brenda Vallana

Positive Action: Evidence-based for Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Carolyn Pirtle

Monday Early Afternoon (1:30-2:45 pm)

Working with Parents after an Incident of Bullying: A Key Element of Positive School Climate

Frank DiLallo

Connect. Empower. Change. Using Youth Voice to Shift the Culture and Climate of your School

STARS M2S Document – IBPA Conference – November 2014

STARS M2S Document 2- IBPA Conference – November 2014

IBPA Conference – November 2014

Promoting Kind Peer Behavior: Research-Based Approaches to Build Inclusion and Peer Support

Stan Davis

No Bull Your Way to L.A. (student led session) 

Scott Hannah – Workshop One-Sheet

Scott Hannah – Workshop PPT

Boxed In/Boxed Out: How Stereotypes and Social Norms Harm Students of All Ages and Contribute to Bullying

Dave Reynolds

Social-Emotional Learning Approaches to Bully Prevention in Middle School

Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D.

Monday Afternoon Sessions (3:00-4:15 pm)

Safety Plans: Defining an Active Role for Schools in Protecting Students

Amanda Easton – EBIS Pre-Investigation Safety Plan

Amanda Easton – EBIS Post-Investigation Safety Plan

Amanda Easton – EBIS Safety Plans

On the Front Lines: Developing and Enforcing a Workplace Bullying Policy

Mike Tully

Integrated models of prevention and treatment: Implementing Positive Behavior Supports and Bullying Prevention Programs

Jeff Sprague

Beyond Bullying

IBPA Gwinn Nutter Handouts

Bullying Decreases as Inclusion Increases for Students with Disabilities

Barbara Palilis

The Silence of Others

Lori Ernsperger

The Iceberg Model of Identity: A Student-Led Anti-Bullying Initiative

Michaela Boster

Sexting: A Proposed Strategy to Assist those who are Cyberbullied via Sexts

Sheri Bauman – PPT

Sheri Bauman – PDF

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