2014 Conference: Tuesday Sessions


Tuesday Early Morning Workshops (8:00-9:15 am)

Trauma as a Context for Bullying: What Do Schools Need to Know and How Can They Help?

Trauma Bullying Final

Responding to Bullying with Restorative Practices

2014 IBPA

Defining Restorative

The School Experience: A Risk or Protective Factor for Bullying?  

Lucy Vezzuto

A Foundation for Effective Bully Prevention Efforts: The School Climate Community Scale and the School Community Partnership Process

Jonathan Cohen Handout

Not My Job; Not My Problem: Two Scenarios

Mike Donlin SCENARIO Booklet

Mike Donlin Scenario – School Spirit

Mike Donlin Scenario – ask.fm

Tuesday Morning Workshops (9:45-11:00 am)

Building Statewide Bullying Prevention Collaboration to Support Schools

Mary Dolan

Screaming Mimis? Two-Headed Snakes? The Influence of Adult Bullies on School Climate

Deb Gadsden – Handout 1: Olweus Definition of Bullying

Deb Gadsden – Handout 2: Three Key Components of Bullying Behavior

Deb Gadsden – Handout 3: WBI Workplace Bullying Definition

Deb Gadsden – Handout 4: WBI Workplace Bully Tactics

Deb-Gadsden – Handout 5: Olweus Adults Who Bully

Deb-Gadsden – Handout 6: Available Resources

Class Meetings in ACTion©

Sue Black

Stopping Bullying and Improving School Climate from the Inside-Out: Evidence-Based Approach

Rick Phillips – PPT Rick Phillips – SSA Flyer 1 page 131004

Rick Phillips – SSA Flyer 1 page 131004

Rick Phillips – Healdsburg JHS Prin Ltr one page

Rick Phillips – CM one pager

Creating a Positive Climate Change through Kindness, Compassion and Caring Relationships

Joelle Hood

School Climate Programs: Strategies and Challenges in Implementation

James Caldwell – School Climate Programs

James Caldwell – Strategies to Build Connections

James Caldwell – Student Views:How Teachers Create Positive Class Climate

Navigating Social Media by Examining Your Digital Tattoo

Marialice Curran

Tuesday Afternoon Workshops (2:00-4:00 pm)

Supporting the Olweus Program through Statewide Networking

Donna Dickman PPT

Interview and Investigation Skills: Foundation of a Responsible Bullying/Harassment Response

Mary Jo McGrath

Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Perfect Storm 

Tracee Parker

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