2017 Conference Handouts

Bullying Prevention Best Practices – Pre-conference sessions

Restorative Practices Pre-conference session

Opening Keynote – Laughing for the health of it

Sunday Poster Session

You Can’t “Unfriend” Everyone: Interrupting and Responding – Pre-conference sessions

PBIS: How Trauma Informed Care and Bullying Prevention Programs are Intertwined

The Blame Game or Sharing the Blame?: Hearing Stakeholders Talk about Each Other: A Critical Discourse Analysis of School Bullying.

Resilience Can Be Taught! 10 Tools to Motivate ANY Student

Why Employers Don’t Take the Bull(y) By the Horns: An Empathetic Perspective

Rejected! Addressing Social Ostracism in Schools

Cross-National Differences in Bullying

Bullying Prevention Supporting Students with Disabilities

We the (Adult) People: How safety, connection, and social/emotional growth stars with us

Protecting Immigrant Students from Bullying and Harassment

Building Protective School Communities & Preventing Bullying through Social-Emotional Learning

Guerrilla Programming: The art of finessing a single session program into a school based culture shift that fosters empathy and kindness

Evidence-Based Bullying Prevention Tools

Handouts Monday afternoon How Social Media, Organizations, and Schools can Collaborate to Prevent Bullying

Shared Squared

Keynote: Research Panel on Program Evaluation

Using the Lens of Trauma to Understand the Effects of Bullying

There is Strength in Numbers

Using Literature and Film to Generate Empathy in Students

The Power of Peer- engaging young people in online safety and Anti-Bullying work

Research Panel on Research to Inform School Bullying Prevention Efforts

A Timely Solution for Disability Bully-Harassment in Secondary Schools

Dramatic Discovery: Using Theater and Film as a Gateway to Bullying Prevention

Bullying Investigation: Legally Compliant?

Suicide Prevention

Restorative Practice in Lieu of Criminal Prosecution

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