IBPA’s Statement on the Recent Election

From the International Bullying Prevention Association

There are many things that can divide people, politics being one of them.  We know that after the election we will have youth and adults who are energized by an outcome as well as youth and adults who are deeply concerned.

We appreciate the President-elect’s pledge to be a president for all Americans. The reports that a small minority of individuals are using the election results to justify attacking others through hate crimes or other forms of aggression are concerning. We also know that children, members of minority groups, and other vulnerable groups are fearful at this time of what the outcome might mean for their safety and well-being in our country.

We urge everyone to reach out to those who are anxious and fearful, in a kind and empathetic manner and engage in gestures to let them know that they are safe and welcome in our schools and communities.  For more information on how you can help develop empathy and kindness in our schools and communities please visit our resource section here

For resources on how to talk with youth about the election results in a supportive manner that emphasizes safety check out: https://bit.ly/2ggxAT8

While our opinions about political policies may be different, we are united in caring for our children and our country.  Let us strive to be positive role models to our children and take this opportunity to spread empathy and kindness.

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